Introduction Of Working Principle Of Roll Welding Equipment

Roll surfacing equipment can be used to surfacing the surface of the welding roll, roll or workpiece on the surface of the roll or the workpiece, and to repair the wear, corrosion, and other alloy materials, or to repair the rolling mill rolls. The main welding technology adopts the mature powder core arc welding technology in the roll repair welding industry, and the automatic repair work of the roll is completed with the automatic welding variable position tooling.

The main purpose of the roll surfacing equipment is to repair and weld the surface rolls or other cylinders. The way of welding is automatic submerged arc welding, and the rotary positioning of the workpiece is fixed by conventional machine head and tail. One end of the equipment is the active rotary disc seat, the other end is a passive telescopic thimble seat. The transverse moving mechanism can make the welding machine move between the chuck seat and the thimble seat of the equipment. The machine has the advantages of advanced principle, convenient operation, simple structure, rapid adjustment, etc. It is one of the necessary equipment for roll surfacing manufacturers.

First, the hard-facing workpiece is suspended to the chuck and the thimble with the hanger, and the workpiece is fixed by the chuck and the thimble by the lathe process. The horizontal moving mechanism and the submerged arc welding torch are adjusted to the welding position. Finally, the welding system, the rotary mechanism of the chucks seat and the mobile structure of the car is carried out to carry out the submerged arc welding and welding, in the card. At the same time, the mobile trolley will drive the submerged arc welding torch to move slowly, and move the width of the welding seam with each rotation of the workpiece to realize the comprehensive movement of the whole equipment.

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