Structure Flying Shear And Working Principle

With the rapid development of rolling mills, flying shear has become indispensable equipment in continuous rolling line, mainly for hot-rolled and cold-rolled, cutting head, cut tail, cut the sample as well as incident handling, including cold-rolled strip steel drum flying shear.

A steel rolling mill operation frequently appeared on the shears cannot cut the strip normal phenomenon, causing huge economic losses.

flying shear

To make concerns people fully understand the roller structure and working principle, therefore, it is necessary that summed up its maintenance and repair experience to maintain the normal operation of the production and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

Structure Flying Shear and Working Principle  

Typical Structure

Generally, the drum-type mill bearing composed of three parts flying shear body gear and equipment lubrication piping, which chassis and rotating hub into one. As whole equipment, it is not only set up to replace the pair often transfer hub, simple structure rigidity, high cutting precision. The body of flying shear machine, including the transmission mechanism, cutting mechanism. Flying shear drive mechanism, mainly by the electric motor, gearbox and synchronous transmission gear mounted on the upper and lower rollers on the drive side of the composition.

finished flying shear product warehouse

When flying shear worked by 1 or 2 motor drive inverter controls two rollers. Flying shear cutting mechanism by bladed upper and lower rollers composed by relative rotation, to achieve the upper and lower blade cutting edge dislocation on the strip shear. At the same time, in terms of the same unit of production strip thickness and strength will change. In order to meet the production needs of the unit flying shear mechanism.

All in all, further comprising means for adjusting the gap side, we must improve the function of shear capacity to achieve changes in blade gap.