CCM Machine

CCM Machine
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The CCM machine is a device for pouring molten steel into a billet, and is composed of ladle car, intermediate tank, crystallizer and vibration device, spindle rod, water cooler, tension leveler, cutting machine, and pusher.

The Characterestics of CCM Machine

1. The large-capacity intermediate tank is used, and the slag wall is applied in the tank. The temperature distribution of the rod is controlled by the flow control technology to avoid eddy currents above the nozzle, so that the inclusions can fully float and achieve stable casting of each stream.

2. Unique straight curved design for small cross section billets.

3. The crystallizer is made of stainless steel extruded precision water jacket to ensure even seams. The cooling is uniform, the quality of the billet is good, and the leakage phenomenon during high-speed casting is reduced.

4. Unique quick positioning method makes mold change quickly and conveniently.

5. The unique balance spring is used to compensate the static load of the vibrating table to improve the appearance quality of the billet.

6. The unique two cooling device ensures that the nozzle is centered and the water volume of the section is evenly distributed to make the billet is cooled symmetrically without defects.

CCM machine for saleCCM (2)

Production Process

Feeding Car → Uncoiler → Straight Feeding Unit → Hydraulic shear → Welding Platform → Floor Looper → Feeding Process Platform → No. 1 Rack → No. 2 Rack → No. 3 Rack → No. 4 Rack → 5 No. Rack → Outlet Technology Platform → Winding machine Unit → Discharge Car


Three StandsFour StandsFive Stands
Input Thickness2.0-3.0mm
Output Thickness0.6-1.2mm0.5-1.2mm0.5-1.2mm
Max Rolling Speed240m/min300m/min300m/min

Continous-casting-machine-for-billetCCM machine

Compared with the ordinary casting machine, the CCM machine has obvious advantages as follows:

1. Improve mechanical properties from microstructure.

2. Guarantee the uniformity of the quality of the continuous ingot produced, increasing the yield of steel production to over 99%;

3. The manufacturing process is simpler, reducing the area occupied by production and reducing the labor intensity;

4. Continuous casting and rolling makes the production of steel more rapid and efficient.

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