Electric Arc Furance
Electric Arc Furance
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1.Equipment Purposes:

It is utilized to smelt plain steel, quality carbon steel and various kinds of alloy steel. It is applicable to the operation of full steel scrap, steel scrap and molten iron charging, steel scrap and pelletizing, preheating of steel scrap, iron recovery with hot-pressing and sponge iron, etc.

2.Scope of Equipment Set:                                                                    

Furnace body,

Furnace tilting mechanism,

Electrode hoisting mechanism,

Lid lifting and rotary mechanism,

Cooling water and display alarm mechanism,

Hydraulic door,

Compressed air system,

Material loading system,

High-voltage switching system,


Series reactor,

Low-voltage power supply system,

Computer-controlled system and frame monitoring system,

Artificial intelligent electrode regulator of neural network. 


Hx series arc furnace is open cover and filled from top. It is divided into common power, super power, ultra high power according to the adaption. It is divided into left operation and right operation according to the operation mode. The tapping form includes: tapping from spout and tapping from the eccentric bottom.

4.Parameter Data:


electric arc furnace

electric arc furnace

electric arc furnace

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