Hot Rolling Mill For Rebar Wire Rod Section Bar
Hot Rolling Mill For Rebar Wire Rod Section Bar
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It's mainly used in the rebar rolling mill production line,with following advantage:

1. High stiffness mill to ensure product precision, easy to implement negative deviation rolling;

2. To achieve symmetrical adjustment;

3. Long bearing life, reduce product costs;

4. Pre-adjusted performance, fast roll change, finished product rate;

5. Improve structure and properties of metal;

6. Greater degree of deformation;

7. Energy efficiency.

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We supply the turnkey project, from furnace,CCM to rolling millscooling bed and packing. Our hot rolling mill can produce deformed rebar, round bar, wire rod and section bar.
Rolling mill is a mill or factory where ingots of heated metal are passed between rollers to produce sheets or bars of a required cross section and form.

Product Show:

rolling re-bar production line

steel re-bar production line


The hot rolling mills are used for pressure shaping of the metal objects or other materials between the rotating rolls when temperature of the metal is kept above its recrystallization temperature. 

It is basically an automatic system or cluster of machines to perform both rolling and auxiliary operations including transportation of billets to heating furnaces and mill rolls, rolled material, metal after rolling, and many other functions. When rolled, the metal is first passed through a hot rolling mill. The metal is passed several times through it due to which the thickness of the metal considerably reduces. 

These hot rolling mills are mostly used to process re-bar, angles, rods, sheets, channels, beams, etc. made from steel, iron, aluminum, and other metals. 

Factory Production:

steel finishing rolling mill product process

rolling mill manufacture process

Customer Visit:

customer visiting for rolling mill

customer visiting at rolling mill factory


packaging for rolling mill

packaging process of rolling mill machine

packaging process of steel mil machine

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