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Hot Rolling Mill
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Product Details

Hot Rolling Mill

Product Details

It's mainly used in the rebar rolling mill production line, with following advantage:

1. High stiffness mill to ensure product precision, easy to implement negative deviation rolling;

2. To achieve symmetrical adjustment;

3. Long bearing life, reduce product costs;

4. Pre-adjusted performance, fast roll change, finished product rate.

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Equipment Composition and Use

The hot rolling mill column gear box with joint gearbox, horizontal racks, vertical racks, horizontal vertical convertible rack (Rack can transform horizontal rack into vertical rack) are no arch rack, using four roller centripetal straightly pushing bearing, which can carry rolling pressure from all sides. All components of the mill are interchangeable, reducing the number of stocks of spar parts.

By hot rolling process, it can be reduced the energy and cost.It's a type to roll above the recrystallization temperature.

The mainly equipment for  rolling mill, there are roughing rolling mill ( short stress rolling mill), intermediate rolling mill, finishing rolling mill, and other auxiliary equipment, hot rolling mill.

The roughing rolling mill is mainly used in the steel rolling mill production line, and hot rolling mill is the advanced equipments, there are horizontal rolling mill and vertical rolling mill, different models used in different requirements. all the equipment is from our steel factory.

Rolling Steel Type

Low, medium carbon structural steel, alloy steel, tool steel, valve steel, titanium alloy steel, stainless steel ect.

The Equipment Main technical Performance

The pre-adjusted performance of mill is well ( to achieve symmetrical adjustment ), roll changing fast, low production costs, yield high.


hot rolling mill

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