Hot Rolling Mill

Hot Rolling Mill
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This hot rolling mill line designed for produce TMT rebar fromΦ12mm to Φ32mm.

Rolling Steel Type: Low, medium carbon structural steel, alloy steel, tool steel, valve steel, titanium alloy steel, stainless steel, etc.

The hot rolling mill consists of three units: roughing mill, intermediate mill, and finishing mill. All rolling mills are short stress line mills without archways. The whole line rolling mill is arranged alternately by horizontal and vertical, and the DC motor drives separately. The rolling line is controlled automatically by computer. The production process of single line micro-tension, tension-free and torsion-free continuous rolling is realized. 
The mechanical properties of threaded steel can be greatly improved by on-line heat treatment of the rolled threaded steel using advanced water-cooling technology.

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Major Equipment Composition

This hot rebar rolling mill line adopts 18 stands continuous rolling production line. Roughing rolling mill is laid out as 550 *6 rolling mill, the intermediate rolling mill is laid out as 450 *6 rolling mill, finishing mill is laid out as 350 *6 rolling mill, all of which adopt high stiffness, short stress, no archway and tie rod connecting mill. The whole line rolling mill is arranged alternately by horizontal and vertical for slitting rolling production. The maximum rolling speed of finishing mill is 18m/s. 

The raw material used is continuous casting billets, all of which are supplied by hot delivery.

The reheating furnace is a walking beam type, using a high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection dual regenerative combustion technology and low calorific value blast furnace gas as fuel, which can greatly reduce fuel consumption and has the characteristics of fast heating speed and good heating quality.

There are four flying shears installed on the rolling line, which are used for cutting head and tail, accident breaking, and double shear.

The cooling bed adopts a walking beam type cooling bed, through the transmission of the worm gear and worm reducer, the rolling piece can be moved forward and cooled naturally at the same time.

After shearing and sizing, the steel rebar output from the cooling bed enters the conveyor chain collecting bench and is divided into two zones: collecting, distributing, bundling, weighing and hanging tags. The steel is hoisted off the line by traveling crane for storage.

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(1) The continuous casting billet is used as raw material, and low production cost.

(2) The continuous casting and heating furnace are compactly arranged, and the continuous casting billet is hot-supplied, and the energy saving reaches 30%-45%.

(3) Step heating furnace heating, uniform heating, the high degree of automation.

(4) A high-pressure water descaling device is installed behind the furnace to improve the surface quality.

(5) 18 rows of rolling lines are arranged flat/vertical, and the whole line adopts non-torsion rolling, which has fewer production accidents and high efficiency.

(6) The hot rolling mill adopts short stress line rolling mill. The hot rolling mill has high rigidity, the roll gap symmetry adjustment operation is convenient, the whole frame is replaced, the roll hole type and the guide are adjusted between the rolls, and the online adjustment is less.

(7) The main drive of the rolling line adopts DC drive or AC speed control to achieve stepless speed regulation of the rolling line speed.

(8) Production of steel bars by a slit rolling process.

(9) Adopting a step type cooling bed, the cooling efficiency is high, and the cooling quality is good.

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