Hot Wire Rod Rolling Mill Line

Hot Wire Rod Rolling Mill Line
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The continuous casting billet sent from the steel mill first enters the heating furnace and then passes through the rolling mill repeatedly and then enters the finishing mill. Rolling steel is a metal pressure processing. In the hot wire rod rolling mill line, the rolling workpiece is softened, fed into the rolling mill by the roller conveyor, and finally rolled to the required size required of the customer.

wire rod rolling mill linenew made wire rod production line

Wire Rod Rolling Mill Procedure

1. Heating the billet to over 1100 ℃ by walking beam reheating furnace.

2. The heated billet is baked and descaled by high-pressure water.

3. Entering the roughing mill for rolling, the roughing mill is a hot rolling mill.

4. After the rough rolling, the rolled piece is cooled into the water cooling section to control the internal metallographic structure.

5. After leaving the water cooling section, enter the medium rolling mill and finishing mill for further rolling.

6. After the finish rolling, the rolled piece is spitting out by a laying machine to form a coil shape.

7. The coiled wire is cooled in the air cooling section.

8. At the end of the air cooling section, the wire rod is wound by the wind collector.

9. After reaching the roll, the wire rod is sent to the baler for bundling.

10. Enter the finished product storage.


The hot wire rod rolling mill line is composed of 5 stands φ230 rolling mill and 5 stands φ170 rolling mill, making the strength of the mill is more powerfully.

The hot wire rod rolling mill line uses top cross 45° layout, reducing equipment center of gravity height, increasing the stability of the mill, reducing the weight of the equipment, operation and maintenance are more convenient as well.

Adjacent racks are arranged at 90° to each other, achieving twist-free rolling.

Roll box adopts plug-in structure, cantilevered roll ring, cabinets equipped with an eccentric mechanism for adjusting the roll gap. The eccentric sleeve is equipped with an oil film bearing and roller shaft, fixing roller ring with taper sleeve at the cantilever roller shaft end.


wire rod rolling mill line

hot wire rod mill line

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