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Induction Furnace
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Induction furnace is a power supply device that converts the power frequency 50HZ alternating current into an intermediate frequency (300HZ or more to 1000HZ), converts the three-phase power frequency alternating current into a direct current, and then converts the direct current into an adjustable intermediate frequency current, which is supplied by the capacitor and the induction. The intermediate frequency alternating current flowing in the coil generates high-density magnetic lines in the induction coil and cuts the metal material contained in the induction coil to generate a large eddy current in the metal material.

The induction furnace operates at a frequency between 50 and 10 Hz and is widely used for the melting of non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals. Compared with other casting equipment, the induction furnace has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, short melting time, less burning loss of alloying elements, variety of smelting material, low environmental pollution, and precise control of the temperature and composition of the molten metal.

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1) Technical Data of Induction Furnace for CAST IRON AND STEEL

Technical Data of Medium Frequency Coreless Induction Melting Furnace for CAST IRON AND STEEL.png

2) Technical Data of Induction Furnace for COPPER

Technical Data of Medium Frequency Coreless Induction Melting Furnace for COPPER.png

3) Technical Data of Induction Furnace for ALUMINUM

Technical Data of Medium Frequency Coreless Induction Melting Furnace for ALUMINUM.png

Medium Frequency  Induction Melting Furnace.jpgrunning induction furnace

Equipment Composition  

Induction furnace mainly consists of coreless induction melting furnace bodies, medium frequency power supply, capacitor bank, hydraulic tilting system, water cooling system, electric control system, furnace leakage alarm system and other optional parts. 


1) The power supply makes use of digital control technology. An inverter circuit is current and voltage dual-feedback. Control and startup are simple and reliable.

2) Furnace shell is open style and steel structure, which is easy for maintenance.

3) The furnace is hydraulic tilting control, sentinel casting can be realized.

4) Based on the electromagnetic analysis done through computer and absorbing advanced furnace design advantages, increase the height and diameter of liquid metal, reduces magnetic leakage, improved the electrical efficiency a lot.

5) The coil is designed according to the preferred scheme determined through calculation of specialized software. So the difference is small between the designed power of coil and actual running power of the coil. Coil insulation, especially insulation between turns is ensured by making use of new technology. Special compound support is connected and fixed with the coil as per a certain gap, increased the stiffness of the coil, which is helpful to maintenance.

6) The semi-arc structure is adapted to produce magnet yoke in order to make magnet yoke to contact the outer wall of the coil closely. There are double-water-cooling units on the clamping plate of magnet yoke, which can reduce the amount of heat generated by magnet yoke to protect the insulation of silicon steel sheet so that the life span of magnet yoke can be extended. The magnet yoke covers the area up to 70%, and the height is extended 10% more than general design, so the electricity consumption is reduced.

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