Rebar Rolling Milll

Rebar Rolling Milll
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Rebar Rolling Mill Procedure

The production line contains continuous rolling, stepping cooling, and electric control system. 

This mechanical automatic rolling line will provide high-quality products with stable capacity and low energy consumption

Billet ---Reheating furnace heating---Rolling roller---Pneumatic shearing machine (for accident)---Ø550×6(H/V) Rough rolling 1~6#(DC×6 )---1#Crank, start-stop flying shear (cut head, accident broken)---Ø420×6(H/V) Medium rolling 7~12#(DC×6)---2# crank , start-stop flying shears (cutting tails, accidental breaking)--- 1# pneumatic vertical looper---Ø320×6 (H/V) finishing rolling 13~18# (DC×6) Before, there are 6 sets of pneumatic vertical loopers of 2#~6# in the finishing rolling room.---Flying shearing, pinch roll---3# double-fold flying shears (cutting head, double ruler)---cold bed Input variable frequency roller---rack type cooling bed---aligning roller table---unloading device---cold bed output roller---500t cold shear (fixed cut)--- Shifting machine ----Inspection rack---Shifting steel inspection---Bundling---Weighing---Signage---Warehousing 

rebar rolling mill layout

After the Ø550×6 (H/V) roughing mill 6# and the Ø420×6 (H/V) rolling mill 12#, each of the start-stop flying shears are used to cut and cut the rolled parts. Accident cut (all bars and rods are used); after the Ø320×6 (H/V) finishing mill 18#, there is one start-stop type double-fold flying shear to the rolling section (for bars).

Rebar Rolling Mill Production Line

Annual capacity: 20,000 up to 600,000 tons

Raw material: from 60*60 up to 200*200 billets

Bar finished product speed: 12m/s~25m/s.

Rolling steel grade: carbon steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel

Bar finished product specifications: Ø12 × 2, Ø14 × 2mm (two cut points), Ø16, Ø18, Ø20, Ø22, Ø25, Ø32mm ten series of round steel and hot-rolled ribbed steel;

Rough rolling Ø550×3(H) a total of 3 short-stress continuous rolling mills;

Medium rolling Ø420×8(H) A total of 8 short-stress continuous rolling mills;

Rebar finishing Ø320×7(H) A total of 7 short-stress continuous rolling mills;

hot rebar rolling millrebar rolling mill line
rebar rolling millsrebar rolling mill

Automatic Control System

In the bar production, the roughing mill, the medium rolling mill, and the finishing mill are all controlled by PLC.

DC speed control system

Full digital reversible device control (stepless speed regulation).

rebar mill automatic control systemElectric Control Room

Automatic Control Function

Process interlocking from rough rolling to finishing mill, manual fine-tuning of single motor speed, cascade control between racks, looper sleeves, sleeve closed-loop control, forward and reverse crawling control of rolling mill, lubrication interlocking fault alarm, impact downhill Compensation control, rolling specification data setting and modification, rolling dynamic screen display, main drive system running status display, production report statistics and printing, fault display and printing, online help, historical monitoring data storage and recall.

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