Reversible Rolling Mill
Reversible Rolling Mill
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The reversible rolling mill is widely used in the steel industry , suitable for various sizes of plate rolling, rolling, especially large width, precision, and flatness requirements more stringent plate. And it's much convenient to rolling, there are many steel factory in China use this kind of rolling mill machine and also some schools, research laboratory etc, automatic rolling mill with high efficiency, 2-hi rollingmill, rolling mill products and mill stand with high quality. 

Rolling conditions

1. Rolled material: ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, comprising a metal matrix composite material.

2. Billet Specifications: Thickness H50mm, width B = 300mm or less;

3. Finished Product specifications: thickness H0.5mm, width B = 300mm or less;

4. The maximum rolling force: P120 tons;

5. Rolling speed: V1-20 m / min adjustable;

6. Rolling temperature: 500-1200 ℃ or less

Factory Production:

reversing rolling mill product process

rolling mill manufacture process

Customer Visit:

customer visiting for rolling mill

customer visiting at rolling mill factory


packaging for rolling mill

packagingprocess of rolling mill machine

packaging process of steel mil machine

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