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Rolling Mill Stand
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The steel rolling mill stand is one of the most important components. There is the installation of mill roll, roll chock, roll adjusting device on it, and sharing all rolling force. Thus There must be sufficient inflexibility and intensity. The mill stand is giant weight and complicately manufacturing, it should be considered as a permanent part while designing. Mill stand is widely applied in rolling mill, section mill, six-roller mill, seamless steel tube mill etc.

In order to achieve the comprehensive purpose of improving the rigidity of the rolling mill, reducing the weight of the equipment and improving the performance of the rolling mill, many new models have been developed in recent years. One of them is short-stress line rolling mill, which shortens the stress line of the rolling mill stress system to increase the rigidity of the rolling mill. The stress line of the rolling mill is the connection of the unit stress of the force-bearing parts of the machine base under the action of the rolling force. It should be noted that the length of the stress line of the rack is relative, and the sum of the lengths of the force parts in the rolling mill is the length of the stress line of the rolling mill.

The internal force of the rolling mill caused by the rolling force during the rolling process is the stress return line distributed along the bearing parts of the machine base, which is referred to as the stress line. In order to increase the rigidity of the rolling mill, the rolling mill that adopts various technical measures to shorten the stress line is short stress line rolling mill. The short stress line mill is a high stiffness rolling mill.

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1. Roll diameter: 100 ~ 500 mm; Roller surface length 90 ~ 600 mm.

2. Roll material: roll steel, Cr12MoV.

3. The thickness of the feed or silk diameter: 20 mm or less. 

    Thickness: 0.1 ~ 1 mm.

4. Rolling speed: 0 ~ 20 ~ 50 ~ 100 m/min.

5. Motor total power: 4 ~ 500 kw.

6. The precision of rolling thickness: longitudinal ~ + / - 3% with 0.005 mm thick or less;

    Transverse ~ + / - 1% + / - 0.003 mm or less with thick;

    Lateral bending (for narrow-band) 3 mm/M or less.

7. The motor power of the coiling motor 0.2 ~ 300 kw power.

    when you receive narrow-band row pitch line 0.5 ~ 20 mm.

intermediate rollingMini_Re-Bar_Rolling_Mill_(below_10w_ton_annual_output)

Features of Rolling Mill Stand

1. It is easy to achieve negative tolerance rolling. Because the high rigidity of the rolling mill guarantees the high precision of the product.

2. Can achieve symmetrical adjustment. This is of great significance for stable operation, avoiding process accidents such as rolling elbows, punching out, and wrapping rolls, and extending the life of the guide.

3. Change the force transmission path, change the concentrated load of the pressing screw to the dispersed load scattered on both sides of the bearing seat, so that the bearing and the bearing seat are better stressed, and the bearing life is 1.5 times higher than that of the ordinary rolling mill.

4. The roller system of the rolling mill can be pre-installed before the roll change, and the adjustment is good. After 10 minutes of pause, the new roller system can be replaced, and the pre-adjusted new roller system can ensure the product quality after rolling one or two steels. qualified. Therefore, the rolling mill has good pre-setting performance, fast roll change, and high finished product rate.

The short-stress line mill can be made in the form of two rolls, three rolls or four rolls for the production of wire, section steel, plate, and strip.

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