Roughing and Intermediate Rolling Mill
Roughing and Intermediate Rolling Mill
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Roughing and intermediate rolling mill is a very important part of the hot rolling mill line.

Roughing Mill

Roughing mill is to make the raw material get preliminary compression and extension, temperature appropriate, cross-section shape correctly, the qualified size, the surface is good, end rules, the length is suitable for the rolled piece process requirement. Middle Rolling mill effect is to continue to shrink in roughing rolling out the section of the rolled piece.

Rough rolling mill main components: The roughing mill is turned from the front machine to the steel roller, the front machine pushes the bed, the footplate, the arch, the upper support roller balance device, the step pad, the work roll, the work roll balance, the oil film bearing, the backup roll, the import and export guide , transmission system and spindle balance, work roll change roll device, support roll change roll device, frame and so on.

Roughing Mill (3)intermediate mill

Intermediate Mill

Intermediate rolling mill between a roughing mill and a finishing mill, which can further roll billet into finished products or provide billet for finishing rolling. 

Intermediate rolling mill consists of a roll, a rolling mill arch, a bearing package, a bearing, a work table, a rolling guide, a rail seat, a roll adjusting device, an upper roll balancing device, and a roll changing device.

This unit is a high stiffness short stress line mill. The roll body processes multiple passes and changes new passes according to the wear of passes. When the rolling mill is running, the clamping cylinder clamps the moving rail base, and after opening the clamping cylinder, the moving cylinder pushes the moving rail base to the outermost side. After opening the hydraulic coupling pin, it can be hoisted out to replace the roll system.

Roughing and intermediate rolling millRouhging Mill

Roughing and Intermediate Rolling Mill in Hot Wire Rod Rolling Mill Process Layout

Roughing mill stands Ø550 X 6 (H/V) No.1 to No.6 mill stands.

Intermediate mill stands Ø420 X 6 (H/V) No.7 to No. 12 mill stands. 

Finishing mill stands Ø320 X 6 (H/V) No.13 to No.18 mill stands.

All these rolling mills stands driven by DC motor and continuous rolling method applied. 

Rolling mill No.14, 16 and 18 are Ø320 H/V interchangeable rolling mill stand.

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Roughing Mill

1. Roll diameter: 100-500mm; roll surface length 90-600mm;

2. Roll material: roll steel, Cr12MoV;

3. Feeding thickness or wire diameter: ≤ 20mm; 

    Finished product thickness: 0.1 ~ 1mm;

4. Rolling speed: 0 ~ 20 ~ 50 ~ 100m / min;

5. The total motor power: 4 ~ 500KW;

6. The thickness accuracy of the strip: longitudinal ≤ ± 0.005 ~ ± 3% belt thickness; 

    Transverse ≤ ± 0.003mm ~ ± 1% belt thickness; 

   lateral bending (for narrow bands) ≤ 3mm / M;

7. The motor power of the coiling motor is 0.2-300KW.

    When the belt is narrowed, the pitch of the cable is 0.5~20mm.

Intermediate Mill  

First 4 Rolling Mills

Roll specifications:                                350 * 600 mm.

Maximum rolling force:                        1500KN

Maximum rolling torque:                      60KN·m

Moving rail seat stroke:                         670mm


Later 8 Rolling Mills

Roll specification:                                  Φ320×600mm

Maximum rolling force:                         1500KN

Maximum rolling torque:                      50KN·m

Moving rail seat stroke:                         670mm

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