Short Stress Rolling Mill
Short Stress Rolling Mill
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Short stress rolling mill is also called housingless mill stand, which is a section rolling mill with short stress line of the working machine. 

It's better for the stress line of the rolling mill stand be shorter because, in this condition, the amount of elastic deformation produced will be less, the rigidity of the rolling mill will be great and the precision of the rolled product will be high. 

It not only has high radial stiffness but also has high axial stiffness when applied as section rolling mill.

The short stress rolling mill is a new type of housingless mill stand, which is suitable for small and medium-sized rolling mill modification and small continuous rolling and semi-continuous rolling mill.

For instance, the continuous casting billets are rolled in a small semi-continuous rolling mill with an annual output of 100,000 to 200,000 tons, the roller diameter of roughing rolling mill is Ф500mm×2, and the rolled workpiece enters the diameter Ф350×4 and the diameter Ф320×4 continuous rolling mills.

roughing rolling millshort stress rolling mill


Mill specificationMax/Min roll diameter(mm)Max/Min roll diameter(mm)
Max rolling force(T)Max rolling torque(T·M)
Φ600 2Hi mill650/67080024428
Φ550 2Hi mill600/55080022018
Φ450 2Hi mill495/42070014012.2
Φ400 2Hi mill430/370650904.28
Φ350 2Hi mill380/330600712.4
Φ320 2Hi mill350/300600612.2

short stress rolling millshort stress rolling mills


1. High stiffness mill to ensure product precision, easy to implement negative deviation rolling;

2. To achieve symmetrical adjustment;

3. Long bearing life, reduce product costs;

4. Pre-adjusted performance, fast roll change, finished product rate.

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