Steel Finishing Rolling Mill Equipment
Steel Finishing Rolling Mill Equipment
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Product Details

Equipment Application

The finishing mill group is the extra-heavy top cross 45° high-speed wire rod finishing mills designed for the high-speed wire rod production line.

The finishing mill group is located in the high-speed wire rod workshop. Rolling by 10 unit rack continuous micro-tension rolling mill, rolling the Φ17~Φ21 mm of rolled piece transported from upstream into Φ5.5~Φ16 mm finished wire rod. The mill guaranteed exit speed is 90 m/s. (When the specification of finished product is Φ5.5 mm)

Technological Parameter

Incoming material specification: Φ17~21mm

Incoming material temperature: >850℃

Finished product specification: Φ5.5~14mm

Rolled steel type: carbon steel, low alloy steel, high alloy steel, high-quality carbon steel, structural steel

Exit speed of the tenth rack: 90 m/s

Product Show:

finishing rolling mill machine

steel finising rolling mill

Equipment Performance

Mill form: cantilever roller ring rolling mill

Rack quantity: 10 stands (1~5 stands are Φ230 rolling mills, 6~10 stands are Φ170 rolling mill)

Arrangement form: top cross 45°, 10 stands combined drive

Roller ring size: Φ230 rolling mill: Φ228.34 ~ Φ205 x Φ126 x 72 mm

                           Φ170 rolling mill: Φ170.66 ~ Φ153.5 x Φ95 x 62 mm

Rolling force: Φ230 rolling mill: 270 kN        

                        Φ170 rolling mill:150 kN

Rolling torque: Φ230 rolling mill: 5.03 kNm            

                          Φ170 rolling mill: 1.38 kNm

Driving motor: motor

Power: 1600kW x 3 stands. Ac frequency conversion motor  

Revolving speed: 700~1200 r/min                                                     

Working revolving speed: 900~1100 r/min

The unit lubrication way: thin oil lubrication

System oil pressure: 0.35~0.6 MPa

Total consumption: 1500 L/min

Mobil: 525

Cleanliness: 10μ

Roll cooling water: water pressure: 0.6 Mpa

Consumption: maximum 10 x 30m3/h

Guard hydraulic system: working pressure: 20 MPa

System flow: 35 l/min

Mounted roller working pressure: Max 25 MPa

Unload roller working pressure: Max 45 MPa                                                                                 

Attachment: Unload roller tool (Φ230)                 1 set               Mounted roller tool (Φ230)       1 set

                      Unload roller tool (Φ170)                 1 set               Mounted roller tool (Φ170)       1 set                         

                      Changing roller hydraulic pump     1 set

Unit composition: Φ230 rolling mill (5 stands), 170 rolling mill (5 stands), speed increasing box, large base, breakwater and capillary groove, buffer tank, protective cover, couplings, pipes of finishing train etc.

Factory Production:

steel finishing rolling mill product process

rolling mill manufacture process

Customer Visit:

customer visiting for rolling mill

customer visiting at rolling mill factory


packaging for rolling mill

packagingprocess of rolling mill machine

packaging process of steel mil machine

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