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Steel Rolling Mill
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The steel rolling mill machinery is the equipment for realizing the metal rolling process. The steel rolling mill mainly includes the working machine base, transmission device, and the main motor. The roller, the bearing, the roller adjusting device, the guiding device and the frame form a working machine seat; the main coupling, the speed reducer, the gear base, the Cardan shaft constitute a transmission device.

The steel rolling mill machinery is the mechanical equipment for rolling the steel through the roll gap between the two driven rolls. The main components of the steel rolling mill include the main part and the auxiliary machine. The steel rolling mill can be divided into two-roller, three-roller, four-roller, and multi-roll mills according to the number of rolls. The rolling mills are all driven by electric motors. The rolling mill drive mechanism includes gear base, reducer, flywheel, coupling, universal joint, etc.

The rack of the steel rolling mill machinery is the most important and permanent component of the rolling mill and is equipped with rolls, roll adjusting devices, roll bearing seat. According to the rolling mill form and work requirements, the rolling mill rack is divided into two types: closed rack and open rack.

Cardan shafts are the key components of the rolling mill torque transmission. Their performance directly determines the capacity and safety of the entire rolling mill and even limits the production capacity of the entire rolling line. Maintaining the stability of the rolling mill roll system is an important guarantee for improving rolling precision, product quality and extending the life of the equipment.

steel rolling mill machinerysteel rolling mill


The working stand of the steel rolling mill includes:

(1) The rack, the bearing of the roll installed in the window.

(2) The rolls, the rolling piece is compressed between them.

(3) The roller bearing.

(4) The roll adjustment mechanism for adjusting the distance between the rolls.

(5) The guide device for maintaining the import and export direction of the rolled product.

(6) The rolling seat, the rack is fixed on the rolling stand, and the rolling seat is fixed on the foundation.

steel rolling millsteel rolling mill machinery
steel rolling mill machinerysteel rolling mill layout


The steel rolling mill is used in heavy and light industrial rolling processes.

Housingless Vertical Mill Stand,  Horizontal Mill Stands and  Conventional and all the type of mill stands.

High-speed finishing mill and Laying Head, TMT Equipment, continuously operating shears, Start-stop flying shears.

Reducer, Pinion Stand, Gear Boxes, Coilers, oil station.

Roller Tables & Tilting Table, Shears (Flying & Rotary) for Crop and Cobble and Cooling Bed Dividing


Cooling Bed (Turnover and Rake Type) and Bar Handling Equipment.

Cold Shears, High-speed Delivery System, and Bar Braking Pinch Rolls etc. 

In all, we provide, all the equipment in the steel rolling mill production line, and all the equipment is produced by rolling mill manufacturer.

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