Used Re-bar Line
Used Re-bar Line
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With the higher environmental requirement from the centre government, the China steel market is facing a big change, lots of steel factories were shut down by the government, there are many factories, even thought the production line is very new, running in a very good condition, they need to shut down because its build up in the city, and no new place can be moved to for steel manufacture. 

Now days, china only keep the factory with big yield, actually, we can say huge yield, millions of millions tons per year.


Location: Xi’an Shaanxi province

Final product: Rebar

Equipment quality: high quality, it very well operated before it was shut down.

Shut down time: in year of 2014

Production capacity: 600,000TPY rebar

Auto control system: Simens

Here are some pictures of the factory, please contact us if you are interested. 

We welcome you to come and visit this factory. 

Its definitely better to visit and judge by engineer if you are interested.

Product Show:

re-bar production line

 rebar rolling mill machine

used rebar rolling mill for sale

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