Used Bar and Wire Rod Rolling Mill
Used Bar and Wire Rod Rolling Mill
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Actually Chinese steel annual production is the No. 1 in the whole world, we have the high technical and high precision equipment, but for now the market is lower, so many steel factory is bankrupt and closed, some only work one or two years then stopped, we think this is a good opportunity for us and also the customers, it's very cost effective. After our complete overhaul, it's like a new one, the important is highly efficient with low cost. 

Used Bar and Wire Rod Rolling Mill Production Line

Annual Capacity: 60,0000 TPY

Raw material: 120mm*120mm Billets

Finished products: Finished products: 5.5mm - 22mm Wire rod, 12mm - 42mm rebar

Annual capacity: Different requirements all we can try to offer for you. 

If you are interested in the used rolling mill production line, please contact us freely, we can give you our best price.


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used bar and wire rod rolling mill


We provide:

1. Perfect rolling mill solutions including rolling pass design, production line setup, and workshop layout according to customer's requirements. 

2. Sophisticated rolling mill stands and auxiliary types of equipment/spare parts used in the rolling mill production line. (Such as roller box, gearbox reduction, coil laying head, vertical and side loops, flying shears, 

chopping shears and gripping shears, pinch roll machine and so on)

3. Technical services and post-sale technical support. 

4. Professional engineers are available for overseas installation and maintenance. 

5. Also, we have the cooperate factory with the melting furnace, reheating furnace.

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