Wire Rod Mill
Wire Rod Mill
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Equipment Application

Wire Rod Mill is designed as top crossed 45°high-speed wire rod mills/finishing mills, combined with 10 mills, Ø200 mills and seven Ø150 mills, speed increasing vox, support box, support base, arc coupling, waterproof slot, waterproof palte, buffer tank, the protective cover, cardan shaft, etc. 

Through several units racks the continuous micro-tension rolling mill will be transported upstream Ø17 ~Ø21mm of rolling, rolling become Ø5.5 ~ Ø16mm finished wire rod. 

The working speed of 75m/s to 135m/s, etc.

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Wire Rod Mill Rolling Procedure

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Wire Rod Mill Production Line

(1) Raw material: From 80*80mm up to 200*200mm billets.

(2) Finished products: 5.5~16mm wire rods.

(3) Annual capacity: 50,000 up to 500,000 tons.

(4) 28 stand rolling mills are arranged in the whole wire rod mill line. The roughing mill and intermediate rolling mills are DANIELI short stress path rolling mill models, 16 stands rolling mill H-V-H-V alternately arrangements.

(5) Pre-finishing unit 285 (2 sets) of H-V-H-V arrangement and finishing mill (10 sets) are all Morgan models, of which the finishing mill is 45° top cross (φ230×5+φ170×5) Structural unit.

(6) The 16  housingless mill and Intermediate mill stands are arranged in a single line, and the pre-finishing to the collecting and collecting station is a double-line arrangement.

wire rod mill production line

wire rod mills


Material specification


Material temperature


Finished wire rod size


The kinds of rolling steel

Carbon steel, low alloy steel, high alloy steel, high-quality   

carbon structural steel

Rolling Speed

75m/s - 110m/s


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