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Main Component of Crop Shear

1. Left and right frames and lower turret: directly on the basis of the equipment, the lower turret is inserted between the left and right frames through the lock head, and they are locked by double-headed bolts, horizontal keys, and vertical keys. In one.

2. Reducer: The single weight is about 150t, and it is connected with the left and right frames through the hydraulic pre-tightening bolts and keys.

3. Drive platform and main drive motor: The drive platform is mounted on the left and right frames on one side and supported by the column on the other side. The main drive motor is mounted on the drive platform and the output torque is transmitted to the reducer via the coupling.

4. Upper tool holder: The upper tool holder has an upper knife table, two spindle links, and a guiding link. One end of the spindle link is mounted on the eccentric shaft of the reducer, and the other end is linked to the upper turret; the guide link is mounted on the right frame through the shaft and the upper turret on the other side.

5. Front plate: It is connected with the reducer, left and right frames by hydraulic pre-tightening bolts, double-head locking bolts, and keys.

6. Depressing device and pushing device: It is mainly composed of hydraulic cylinder and crank arm linkage, and is mounted on the front plate by bolts.

7. Curved upper cutting edge and straight lower cutting edge: mounted on the upper and lower turrets by locking hydraulic cylinders respectively.

8. Swing roller combination: It consists of a swing hydraulic cylinder, a swing frame, a track, a swing roller, and it's driving device.

9. Cutting edge clearance adjustment device: It consists of a motor, turbine and worm gear block.

10. Retracting tool changer: The retracting device consists of hydraulic cylinder, crank rocker, gear, rack and so on. The tool change device is composed of a rail frame, a tool change trolley, and a traverse trolley.

11. Rack roller and it's driving device: The frame roller is installed in the lower turret, and is driven by the motor and reducer separately.

12. Waste transportation system: It consists of a tail wheel, head wheel and its transmission device, transport frame, chain and conveying bucket, and material feeding device.

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Crop Shear / Crank Start-stop Type Flying Shear

Function:Cutting head and cutting tail, accident broke etc.

Model: Starting-stop flying shears

Shearing mode: crank type

Rolling speed:  ≤2.1m/s

Rolling area: ≤6400 mm²

Rolling material:  Common steel

Rolling temperature:  ≥800℃ 

DC Motor : ZFQZ-355-42,DC 360KW,DC 440V 

Controlling equipment: 

DC speed regulator SIEMENS 6RA70 Restructuring

PLC is SIEMENS S7-300 serials

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1. Compact structure. The lower turret is directly located on the equipment foundation and is integrated with the left and right frames. In addition, it is provided with a ground anchor at the rear to better withstand the downward and backward shearing forces, so that the shearing motion More stable.

2. Fast cutting speed: The maximum shearing frequency of the cutting head design is 18 times/min, and the average cutting is performed for 3--4 s.

3. Accurate positioning: When cutting, the accurate positioning of the steel is realized by the length measuring roller and the laser marking device.

4. Quick tool change: The hydraulic cylinder, the retracting device, and the tool change device are clamped by the blade to realize the rapid tool change of the upper and lower cutting edges.

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