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Flying Shear
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Flying shears are important equipment used by steel companies to shear metal blanks. The performance of the flying shears will directly affect the production efficiency of the rolling production line. There are many types of structure of the flying shear mechanism. This chapter adopts a four-bar linkage structure, which is simple three-dimensional modeling of its frame, upper and lower cranks, upper and lower links, upper and lower rockers and workpieces. And assembly and simulation can be used to obtain the shear force and the trajectory of the two cutting edges of the workpiece during the shearing process.


Flying shear / No.3 flying shear in rolling mill

Steel to be processed carbon steel, low alloy steel 

Material diameterdia:12.7—dia18 

Rolling speed:7-12m/s 

Cutting temperature:850°C

Product length:150~230mm 

Rotary sword diameter:800mm 

Motor power:112KW 

Motor speed:255-465r/min 

flying shear

The Function of the Flying Shear

●As the head and rear part of the rolling parts have some defect or the temperature of steel is too low, the flying shear needs to cut the head and rear to ensure the quality of the rolling parts before it gets into the finishing mill. 

●The flying shear will cut the rolling parts immediately if any failure occurs to the finishing mill, then the switch will turn the parts to snap shear to snap.

Work Requirements

Flying shears should ensure good shear quality—the precision of the length, neat cut surface and wide range of fixed length adjustments, as well as a certain shear rate. In order to meet the above requirements, the structure and performance of the flying shear must meet the following requirements during the shearing process:

1. The horizontal speed of the cutting edge should be equal to or slightly larger than the moving speed of the rolled piece;

2. The two cutting edges should have the best cutting edge clearance;

3. During the shearing process, the cutting edge is preferably moved in a plane translation, that is, the cutting edge is perpendicular to the surface of the rolled piece;

4. Flying shears should work according to a certain working system to ensure the length of the fixed length;

5. The acceleration and mass stress of the moving member of the flying shear is minimized to reduce the inertial force and dynamic load.

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