8-Hi Strip Rolling Mill
8-Hi Strip Rolling Mill
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Product Details

8-Hi Strip Rolling Mill

Application and Characteristics

1. Off-set 8-Hi Strip Mill is driving by support roller, deviation from the work roll bearing roll center installation. So that the reduction of the diameter of the work rolls is not limited by the torque, and is not affected by horizontal bending. Therefore, the work roll diameter can be small, usually half of the four-roll millwork roll diameter, this off-set 8hi roll mill can be meet the requirements of rolling thin steel and rolling difficult-to-deform products like the cluster mill.

2. Compared with the 4-hi rolling mill, the off-set 8-hi rolling mill requires the rolling force only half of the 4-hi rolling mill.

3. The off-set 8-Hi mill with a rigid structure of the larger roller system and roll shaped adjusting device. Which can be rolled out the strip steel with thickness deviation smaller and flat shape straight.

Production Line Process Parameters

Rolling Speed(m/s)500 Strip Mill650 Strip Mill750 Strip Mill850 Strip Mill1150 Strip Mill1450 Strip Mill
Input Thickness0.6-1.2mm0.6-1.2mm0.6-1.2mm0.6-1.2mm1.0-2.5mm1.0-2.5mm
Outputt thickness0.1-0.3mm0.15-0.3mm0.15-0.3mm0.15-0.3mmm0.2-0.6mm0.2-0.6mm
Strip Width300-420mm400-580mm500-670mm600-750mm850-1000mm1000-1250mm
TransmissionWorking RollWorking RollWorking RollWorking Roll

Rolling Force3000KN7000KN8000KN9000KN12000KN16000KN
Rolling Speed(m/s)3000KN7000KN8000KN9000KN12000KN16000KN

Product Show:

8 hi strip mill machine

8 hi strip reversing mill stand

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8-high strip mill satnd.jpg

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